About me and this blog

About Me (Naomi)

Hello I’m Naomi and I love to watch anime. I’ve been watching anime since primary school. Anime has always allowed me to escape to other worlds, to put myself in characters shoes. Give me a deep storyline, interesting characters and amazing world building and I’m sold. I’m a girl who loves watching anime and reading manga a little to much.

Bakuman 7

That’s all you need to know about me for now.

About this Blog

On this blog, you will find reviews of episodic and single reviews of anime I’ve watched already.

The Horror Genre is an absolute no. Except Attack on Titan, if you count it as one. The horror story may be good, but I’m that person that minimizes the screen so that I don’t freak out on the next page XD. I’ll be talking about anime shows in the Shounen, Seinen, Comedy, Romance and maybe some other genres.

I’ll be posting at least 2 reviews whenever I can. Editorials and News posts will maybe show up after I post reviews. Sometimes double reviews of anime will appear on this blog. This blog is full of my personal thoughts towards different anime.

Update: Spoilers will always be in my reviews and editorials. I’ll make sure to add a spoiler warning before the review from now on.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog! 😀

KR 12

All the images on this blog? I don’t own. All of the images I use are for the purpose of reviewing anime. And only reviewing anime. If anyone has an issue with any of the images I use, please feel free to contact me at naomia453@gmail.com. I will immediately take down the images.



What are your thoughts?

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