A Lull in the Sea Episode 17.

The Theme of Change continues to be strong in the anime. (Spoilers)

Ah, this episode was great. The characters and the music were all on point. Kaname watching Chisaki. Chisaki watching Hikari. Nothing’s changed at all and Kaname of course, notices all of this. It’s almost like we’ve gone back before the timeskip where the characters were dealing with their relationship troubles and now it’s the same but from Kaname’s point of view.

One thing I noticed is Kaname’s realisation of the relationship between Tsumugu and Chisaki, while it’s clear it’s friendship on Chisaki’s side. Obviously Tsumugu likes her, I don’t think Kaname see it yet, but he will. Anyway, what made the scene interesting was the music that played during it.

There’s a track on the official Nagi soundtrack called “Not Said Aloud” which has played many times throughout this show but it’s obvious as to why it was chosen to play in this scene. Not only is it used to express how in tune Chisaki and Tsumugu are, but it also expresses Kaname’s feelings in that moment. To him, Chisaki’s moved on, whether it’s with Tsumugu or not, to Kaname that’s the most painful thing to wake up to.

Ok, so I’m going to say this now, just to get it out the way. I don’t care about Miuna’s feeling for Hikari or Sayu’s for Kaname. I wish there was more to these characters than their crushes.I understand that it’s why these two don’t want to change and are desperate to be a part of that group but it’s so uninteresting. I wish there was something else to their characters.

Finally, something other slice of life is going on in this show! Turns out there may be a way to get into Shioshishio through a current that’s near the sea village.

So next episode, will focus on Hikari, Kaname and Miuna.

Honestly, I wish it was Chisaki going instead, I would have liked to have seen the three connecting again on this trip.

What are your thoughts?

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