Re:Zero Episode 11.

Subaru was exactly what Rem needed in this episode. (Spoilers)

We finally get Rem and Ram’s backstory which was pretty sad to watch. Ram was very powerful with her horn and the village relied on her for a lot which took it’s toll on Rem. Honestly, what kind of parents would continue to praise one child skills without considering how this would effect the other?

It’s sad to to see Rem continue to find fault in herself because of how strong her sibling is. It takes Subaru to tell her that she doesn’t need to be like her sister as she’s fine the way she is. If Rem’s parents truly cared about her, they would have encouraged to maker her own decisions, walk her own path and all that. But they didn’t and they ended up with a child who believes she should walk in her sister’s shadow.

Twins are taboo in the Demon village and Rem knows this, througout the episode, this issue continues to weight down on her until the village is burnt to the ground by the witch’s followers. . As soon as Rem loses her horn, all the sadness and anxiety disappears and Rem smiles and sighs in relief. “It finally broke off”.

That line right there is dark and says so much about Rem. Instead of shock and anger, it’s relief she feels. She punishes herself for thinking that thought. Ram loses her horn and so she can’t do as much as she used to. And so Rem takes it upon herself to cook, clean, copy what she did, imitate what she did, don’t make anything you do satisfactory because you worthless.

Rem’s thoughts are an endless cycle of hate towards herself that doesn’t end until Subaru talks to her down. It’s time for Rem to be the horn that Ram doesn’t have. I love that line. I also love when Subaru says: “Demons laugh when you talk about next year”. Now I’m not sure if that’s an actual saying but I like it. Rem’s problem is that she’s been too focused on her past that she’s never once looked forward to her future. But thanks to Subaru, she’s going to be doing that.

It’s nice to have a happy and emotional episode for once Subaru isn’t suffering this time but getting to know those around him. Love the character focus for Rem these last two episodes, Ram as well. It’s great to see that both girls are actual characters.

Looks like next episode will focus on Subaru and Emilia going on a date. I’ll be very surprised is Subaru doesn’t mess it up.

What are your thoughts?

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