Snow White and The Red Hair Episode 12.

A great end to S1. (Spoilers)

Open Castle Day, an event that allows the public to come into the castle. It’s also an event where apparently bad guys are found at plays. Ok, so I really loved this episode, the moment between Mitsuhide, Kiki and Shirayuki was heartwarming, we already know that they’ve accepted the relationship between the two but it still nice to see the two let Shirayuki know she has their support.

Obi gives Shirayuki a pretty hair piece after he wins a fight, at first I thought this was going to cause some problems between Zen and Obi, but Zen only comments on how it suits her. I’m a little dissapointed because I wanted to see a fight between those two even though it would be for dumb reasons.

I guess the writers thought that this episode would be too boring for some people, so they decided to add some problems in the play to shake this episode up. First, the lead actress gets injured so Shirayuki has to take her place, she’s lucky she didn’t have to memorise a paragaph or that would be an issue. Although she looked gorgeous, it wasn’t enough to hide my annoyance at this overdone cliche.

Second, the troupe leader decides to reveal Shirayuki’s hair to the public so that he and his troupe are famous. I didn’t like this scene, I mean why do we need to have a generic “bad” guy who wants Shirayuki’s hair for profit? What’s wrong with having a calm and funny episode?

This scene existed to make Zen look cool, It would have worked but we’ve already seen Zen at his best, fighting those bandits, commanding Obi to protect Shirayuki. To me, Zen is at his best when he isn’t fighting and trying to make sense of his life by understanding and talking to others. I was pretty much Mitsuhide in this scene.

So the reason Shirayuki has been able to take care of herself even before Raj, was because of her grandparents who taught her to be independent. What great grandparents, thinking ahead like that. It was nice to have that little revelation.

What makes this episode so great is the friendship between the five. It doesn’t feel forced or uninteresting, just normal as if they’ve all been friends for years. At the start of this show, I saw Mitsuhide and Kiki as Zen’s guards and expected them to always act as such. But now I see that they are Zen’s good friends who also serve to protect him.

I like Kiki but she’s hasn’t had much to do this season. I’m hoping season 2 explores her character as this season has done for the rest of the cast.

Mitsuhide was a great character from beginning to the end of this season. His loyalty to Zen is amazing and easygoing attitude at times makes it easy for other characters to connect with him. Hopefully his life before Zen will be explored next season.

Obi started off as spy for another kingdom and has now become one of the funniest characters on the show. He’s also so protective of Shirayuki, which might become an issue (mainly towards Zen) in season 2 but I’m ok with it right now.

Zen has been able to discover what kind of prince he wants to be to his people thanks to the people around him. He’s become someone any of his friends can rely on. His relationship with Shirayuki is lovely, he doesn’t hesitate to talk to her nor does he try to put pressure on her.

I’ve always loved Shirayuki from the start, she’s a great character who can take care of herself. Unfortunately when she gets into trouble, she tends to take on the burden herself rather than rely on others. But it looks like she understands that she can’t keep doing that.

This was lovely end to a great season. I’m not going to hope onto season 2 straight away. My focus will be on completing the three anime I’m currently reviewing.

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