Psycho Pass Episode 12.

Now we enter the 2nd half of Psycho Pass S1. (Spoilers)

This entire episode takes place in a flashback, which normally I wouldn’t mind but after Akane’s friend was killed last episode, I was expecting we’d find out how Akane was dealing with it. But this is fine because we get to see another character in action.

Yayoi started off in a mental health facility, trying to clear her hue so she can one day return to society. Ginoza and Kogami come along and ask for her help in an investigation. This investigation leads the group to a club where Yayoi discovers that her former musician friend, Rina is playing there.

The tension between the artists who are sponsered by the Sybil system and those who don’t have that “luxury” was interesting to see. In this episode, we get to see the cracks start to form around the effects of the Sybil system on society through the use of dialogue of those who are for and against the overall use of the system.

Yayoi who was a musican that was sponsored by the system, corners her former friend Rina, who wasn’t sponsored and that lead to her and her band being seen as “worthless” by others. Rina turns out the be a suspect in the investigation and after continuous tries to persuade Rina, Yayoi pulls out the Dominator but because she isn’t authorised to use it, Rina escapes which leads to Yayoi decide to become an Enforcer.

Rina will definetly reappear later down the line, I can’t wait for that confrontation. Seeing a younger, Ginonza, Kogami and Sasayama was cool to see. None of them have changed at all. It was funny to see a reckless Sasayama as described by Kogami episodes ago.

Going forward, it would be great to see the mental health facility again as right now it uncertain whether they exist to help those inside or to keep them away from society for good.

Overall, great episode filled with tension and questions that probably won’t be answered for a while.

What are your thoughts?

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