A Lull in the Sea Episode 15

Forget everything I said last episode. (Spoilers)

This episode should have been called Avoidance. Hikari, Miuna and Chisaki are all avoiding something. Hikari’s outburst was expected, you can’t have this guy come back, five years have passsed and he doesn’t feel anything. Of course the poor guy is going to feel the affects of change, the city has changed, the people who knew have changed and he blames himself for what happened at the Ofunehiki.

What does everyone do wrong in this episode? Remind him of the past, which for him was 2 days ago. The fishing community decide to show him the flag he waved that day without realising the problem that causes. Who thought that was a good idea?

Miuna is so happy that Hikari is back but doesn’t understand how he feels at the moment. She’s only thinking about how him coming back affects her. She believes she’s grown up and understands certain things because she’s Hikari’s age now. Um, no, try again Miuna. It takes Hikari shouting at Tsumugu for her to realise that her attitude has been wrong.

I have to say, Hikari’s pain and sadness is so clear in his voice. The way his voice cracks while to see the flashbacks to that day was very well done.

My favourite moment in this episode was Chisaki’s moment with Tsumugu. It was clear to me that Tsumugu used Chisaki’s feelings for Hikari to not confront his own. And yet in this scene, he pretty much confirms it. Chisaki’s fears how much she’s changed in terms of body and mind? I guess that’s why she was standing in the room in her bra?

I love the reference to the time they talked about change, it showed how much Chisaki feared it back then and still fears in now. Chisaki’s my favourite character and I feel so bad for her, not being able to get rid of the fear of change. At some in the show, she’ll have to come to terms with it and accept it. Perhaps Tsumugu could help her.

Great reunion scene between Hikari and Chisaki, Hikari’s relief and Chisaki embarassment is nice to see. It’s as if nothing has changed. Now that everyone’s avoidance problems have been solved, i’m curious to see what’s next.

What are your thoughts?

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