A Lull in the Sea Episode 14.

It’s been some time since I touched this one. (Spoilers)

This episode was so great. From beginning to end, this show gripped me and refused to let go and this is only episode 13, the second half of this show. I’m curious to see if the rest of this show will continue to hold my interest. Where do I even start? Well, the intro for one is so much better than the first, while the first is upbeat and happy, the second is slow and sad. But that’s what makes this intro so great, it lets you know the mood this second half takes.

So, 5 years have passed since Hikari and the others fell into the sea. Chisaki was left behind and we get so see what happened in those five years and how the characters are struggling to come to terms with it even though five years have passed.

So much has changed, Miuna and Sayu are now Hikari’s age, Akari has a child, Chisaki is in a nursing school and Tsumugu is an Oceanography researcher at university. We get to see how these characters are dealing with the sea being frozen over. Most of focus in this episode is on Miuna and Chisaki.

With Miuna, before the timeskip, I never really found her interesting. I thought her arc with Akari was touching and her scene with Hikari who at the time was struggling to handle his feelings for Manaka was great. But other than that she didnt do much for me, same with Sayu. But here we get to see how she’s changed as a character. The nine year old Miuna would get emotional and embarassed over little things. Now at 14, she’s more level headed, less emotional, she doesn’t seem that bothered about things anymore.

While Akari and everyone else were freaking out about the incident, naturally so, Miuna kept her feelings in check, believing that Hikari and the others will come back one day. It was nice to see that little scene between Akari and Miuna. Miuna was very quick to set Akari’s mind at ease of having Akira, it showed while she hasn’t changed drastically, she understands that acting reckless won’t help the people around here.

Now Chisaki has always been a character who has never liked change. Change in herself and change in others. So I was curious to see how exactly she would handle the fact that she has to move forward without Hikari and co. At first, she seems to be calm and normal, but as we hear her thoughts, see the world around her, we see that she’s still the same Chisaki, we see that she after five years is still struggling to adjust to life without Hikari and co.

I loved her flashbacks the most in this episode, it was nice to see how she adjusts to living with Tsumugu and his grandpa. When Tsumugu’s grandpa ends up in hospital, we see Chisaki’s fear of change come out while she screams and cries for Tsumugu’s grandpa not to leave her.

Tsumugu has always been that character who is there for support and he still is at 19. It makes sense that he is an Oceanography Researcher, he’s always had an interest in the sea village. I assumed there was only one but it turns out there’s 14 in Japan.

We won’t get to see them, but it good to know that other places in japan are going through this issue and by that I mean, I’m suprised that there is a tiny bit of worldbuilding in this show. So, with the appearance of Hikari who appeared right at the end (It’s sad he didn’t recognise Miuna), the real drama begins next episode.

Shout out to the amazing music tracks in this episode that really sets the scenes. “The Amber-Coloured Road Back”, “Two Sided Feelings” and “And then, Love” are always great tracks to hear.

What are your thoughts?

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