Snow White and the Red Hair Episode 11.

Obi is the best character in this show. In the end he wants Shirayuki to be happy. (Spoilers) 

The subject of status is brought up again and this time it’s Zen’s desire for someone to share the same feelings as him and reveal that it’s that person’s genuine feelings and not a response because they can’t disobey due to his status.

This entire episode has Shirayuki avoid confronting her feelings for Zen after the kiss last episode. Obi steps in and this gives Shirayuki and Zen the talk about what happened. Of course, Zen talks about how successful the bird handling business went, Kihal will be moving into the castle.

I love how Shirayuki’s realization scene played out. Zen is sitting casually mentioning how relaxing the forest used to be for him but since Shirayuki is not by his side, he can now relax again. It’s at that moment where Shirayuki notices that all the time she’s spend with Zen has lead up to this moment.

Shirayuki’s voice actress, Hayami Saori really sells Shirayuki’s confession scene. The way she makes her voice wobble and increase in pitch as Shirayuki realises how in love she’s is with Zen was fantastic. What I love about all of this, is that Shirayuki came to this realization herself, no one had to drop hints, actually most of the cast didn’t know what was going on with her… Still love this scene though.

Zen’s confession to Shirayuki was beatuiful as well, he still worries about his status but still let’s her know that it’s wont protect her no matter what comes their way, she is his strength and want her to be by his side. The way he said all of this was so natural but powerdul. Of course, Shirayuki takes his hand when asked. She wants to be his strength as much as he wants to be hers. It’s a mutual understanding between them.

You know, I’ve been thinking, they could have dragged this out until the next episode which is the last episode of this season. I’m so glad they diidn’t, something else should be the focus of the finale. Zen and Shirayuki are one of my favourite anime couples and I don’t have many. They’re able to talk to each other without being over the top dramatic like other shows (I wont mention any names).

Whenever they are on screen together, I can’t help but smile at how natural they are with each other until this episode. But we needed that, Shirayuki herself needed to realise how she feels. One thing that made that last scene great was that Zen never pressured her, he mentioned to her next timell him how she feels last episode. Shirayuki courage and realization was what mad her confess and I love it.

Zen was able to overcome his fear of his status getting in the way of connecting with people. He managed to put that fear aside to tell Shirayuki his status may not protect her. He grew as a character this episode. Shirayuki also grew but I’ve already mentioned the how she did above.

That’s enough gushing from me. The finale is next week, I’m curious too see as how they’ll wrap season 1 up.

What are your thoughts?

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