Psycho Pass Episode 11.


Hopefully, Akane won’t hesitate next time. (Spoilers)

Where to begin?

Makishima’s actions in this episode shows he’s someone you need to take seriously. His calm and collected voice when he speaks to Akane was terrifying and intriguing at the same time. I love that he calls out the flaws of the Sybil system. While he’s right about the system, there isn’t anything he or anyone can do about it. This system is ingrained into society. There’s no getting rid of it.


Humans basing their lives around Sybil’s Oracle, without making their own decisions, does it hold any value? Makishima’s line here, it’s so good. So good in fact, he turns to question on Akane.

He asks her to choose. Enforcer gun or shotgun?

It’s clear what Makishima wants here, to push Akane over the edge. Make her decide to shoot him herself or use the Dominator and let it decide. It’s so cruel but exciting as well.

I love that the Dominator constantly tells Akane, Makishima is not a threat. It’s clear that Makishima is deliberately appearing calm and collected. It’s a shame that Akane never notices this.


So, it got to the point where I was so annoyed at Akane for continuing to point her gun at Makishima. But what else can she do, her friends in danger and she’s in panic mode.

While it’s sad her friend died, I wish that Akane could have hit Makishima in the arm, he would lead a blood trail that the rest of the group follow. But that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

I have to say, what a great way to use hunter guy (who died) as a way for Kogami and the other Enforcers to stay out-of-the-way so that Akane can judge Makishima with her own eyes.

I love it when shows get me to think about character’s actions and the society they live in rather than focus on the flashy action.




What are your thoughts?

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