Yuki Yuna is a Hero episode 12

YY 19

Damn it anime, you couldn’t have given me a sad or bittersweet ending? Really? (Spoilers)

Ok, so let’s get in to it.

The first 10 minutes of this finale was so uninteresting. Everything went how you expected it to. Togo cries about how she’s doesn’t want Yuna to forget her, Yuna convinces her that she won’t. Yuna and the others then defeat the vertexes.

And then, here’s where I started to pay attention. So, everyone’s going about their daily lives. Mitsuki gets her voice back (why!), Karin can move her body again. (why?) Togo’s walking on crutches (why..) The girls have lost their ability to transform. (That’s fine)

And then it’s revealed that Yuna sacrificed herself and can no longer do anything at all. It’s like she’s in a coma but her eyes are open.

YY 20

It’s disturbing but I couldn’t help smiling while I watching. This is what I wanted from this show, a problem that can’t be fixed. A problem that makes the other characters suffer. It’s sad, it’s depressing but it’s a reminder to us as the viewers and to the girls of how messed up this hero concept was to begin with.

The only character that stopped me from fulling enjoying this moment was Togo. Now Togo is my favourite of the girls, even though while her actions were understandable, it was still stupid.

YY 21


It’s the fact that she spends all her time with Yuna, constantly blames herself and yet still hopes for Yuna to wake up. I was enjoying that moment, the huge sacrifice that Yuna did for her friends was brave but has left Togo and the others with holes in their hearts.

And then Yuna wakes up and while it’s a such a beautiful and heartwarming scene, it’s undone in the next scene as everything goes back to normal and the girls put on the play they’re performing. 

YY 22

It bothers me so much that they did that. Let’s go back to the silliness and “funny” scenes so that we can have a happy ending finale! Why! Why? You couldn’t just let some of the effects of the battle linger on these girls! Maybe I set my expectation for this show too high? Maybe. But I wasn’t expecting these girls to go back to a normal life especially when they only mention once that nothing exists outside of the city they’re in?

If it was me, I would not stop thinking about the rest of the world not existing? The fight that these girls had would linger on my mind. I hate they way they talk about what happened so casually. Um, Hello? You all almost died! Why are you sounding like your taking a walk to the supermarket? I don’t understand why they sound so casual.

YY 23

I just think this ending shouldn’t have been a happy one. Make it bittersweet at least. The only thing that makes me tolerate this ending is that Yuna has lost her sense of taste, which is sad because she loves food.

What would have made this ending interesting is if they have Yuna and the others try to find a way to restore the rest of the world. Yeah sure its a dumb idea, but it’s much better than ending it on a dumb play that no one cares about.

What are your thoughts?

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