Kiznaiver Episode 12

KZ 28

An end to a great anime. I really enjoyed this finale. (Spoilers)

I love the chaos that happened right at this start in this finale. The Kiznaiver mascots fighting was funny to see, Tenga beating up those two bullies was great.

Sonazaki’s reasoning for wanting to connect with the people of Sugomori city made sense. The fear of losing your friends is something that I’m sure has crossed our minds many times. Of course, the Kizna system doesn’t exist so that can’t be used as excuse for having our friends like Sonozaki does in this episode.


KZ 27

I love how stubborn she was but it was also sad to see. It’s crazy how obsessed she was with the Kizna system that she believed it was why she had friends in the first place. Kacchon was the right person to snap her out of it but it was great to see the rest of the cast there. All of them trying to convince Sonozaki in their own way to stop what she’s doing.

KZ 29

As you all know, Chidori’s my favourite of the bunch and I’m so happy to see that she once again put her feelings aside to think of the bigger picture, helping Kacchon. She’s seen how much he’s changed and now wants to see him happy while she still has feeling for him.

Honoka was great as well, deep down she’s always cared about the group. But she had to deal with her own issues first to see it. When she was trying to convince Sonozaki, she brought it up herself and I think that’s when she finally admitted to herself that the group were her friends. That one episode where she deals with her past was brilliant and one of my favourites.

KZ 30

The way Kacchon convinced Sonozaki to let go of all the pain and sadness she’s holding inside was great, Kacchon voice actor once again did a great job displaying that desperation and fear Kacchon was feeling as he struggled to walk up that bridge to Sonozaki. 

KZ 31

This anime tackled the theme of Friendship really well. Everything that these kids went through while at times was over the top, it was also realistic. Kacchon tears after he saved Sonozaki was well deserved. He’s had enough time  and development in this show, trying to understand other people’s feelings whether platonic or romantic.

KZ 32

I think one negative I have for this show, is that Tenga and Yuta didn’t have enough development. I think Tenga suffers the most from this, he could have been a character that starts out aggressive and over the top but over time learns to control his anger and maybe come to understand why Kacchon acting the way he was wasn’t his fault. The guy was emotionless for goodness sake!

Nico made me like her in this finale. She wasn’t overtop and irritating to listen to. She was the one who was listening and responding maturely. (That scene between her and Honoka was good.)  Also she’s the best winggirl! Giving Tenga and Chidori the time they need to maybe start a relationship (even though I don’t like the two together) was very mature of her even though she still likes Tenga.

KZ 34


Chidori, my girl apologising to Tenga about the way she acted towards him made me smile. And the grin on his face after she told him she’s been thinking about him a lot made me laugh.

KZ 33

Overall, this was a lot of fun to watch and review. There’s no need for a sequel, this finale wrapped everything up well.

What are your thoughts?

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