Re:Zero Episode 9.


Subaru continues to get better every episode. (Spoilers)

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Anime Reviews Update.

Hey all, just wanted to update you guys about the anime I have left to review.

These reviews will come at random. I’m a little busy at the moment which is why I haven’t updated. It takes weeks for me to upload a review or two.

Plastic Memories.

A Lull in the Sea.

Psycho Pass

Attack on Titan S1.


Snow White with the Red Hair S1.


Little Witch Academia


Just to let you guys know, I’ve decided I won’t be reviewing My Hero Academia Season 2 and 3 and Attack on Titan Season 2 and all of Season 3 (when part 2 comes out later this month. There’s too much for me to review right (my fault of course) and also because I’ve lost interest in My Hero.

I watched Season 2 and it was great but Season 3 was lackluster. I was going to pick up the manga after I heard good things, but I don’t know, I’m not interested in Deku and his Universe anymore which is a shame because I love the Quirks.

With Attack on Titan, I’ve watch Season 2 and the first half on Season 3, thought it was great. Expect the Historia punching Levi scene thought it was developed better in the manga. (Seriously, you should check out the manga after the rest of Season 3 airs, it’s amazing right now)

That being said, I intend to finish Season 1 of AOT at some point this year.

I just don’t want to review Season 2 and 3 of AOT, just want to watch it.

I hope that’s ok with you guys.

More Anime Reviews soon. (Hopefully XD) I will always add this just because I can. XD