Re:Zero Episode 8.


Emilia was great in this episode, she doesn’t seem as boring as I first thought. (Spoilers)

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this episode, it was emotional and funny throughout. This episode is what I’ve been wanting to see since Subaru first died. But I’ll get to that.

So Subaru finds out that he has everyone has different kinds of magic and he has his own. It’s a rare kind of magic called shadow. I was actually expecting him to have no magic at all but him having this ability may encourage him to work harder at trying to protect the people he cares about. It might give him that motivation to stop looking down on himself. Even though I like that side of him. I can’t remember the last time an MC had so many flaws, was so insecure that he has to put on an act to hide it. It’s refreshing to see an MC so relatable.


I have to say, I was impressed with Emilia this episode, since the beginning I’ve always seen her as a boring character. But the fact that she actually notices Subaru pain and offers his comfort in the form a lap pillow was great on her part. While she’s asked what was going on, she didn’t push which is why that scene in that room was heartwarming.

It was also emotional due to the fact that Subaru stops hiding for once and reveals hIS fears and pain and Emilia listens to it all while stroking his hair.


It like this. This moment where the Subaru and Emilia come together, instead of having Subaru going through his usual antics with Emilia, it’s a moment between two people with one suffering so much pain and for once stopping the antics just to reveal everything right there. It shows that Subaru knows he can confess everything but prefers to hide to protect everyone.  He may not be able to do that forever.

Emilia didn’t need to convince Rem that Subaru’s a good person but it’s nice to know that Emilia does pay attention to her surroundings. Also this may trigger Rem to get to know Subaru and realising herself that Subaru means no harm.


So this episode convinced me that I’ll be rooting for Subaru to find out the secrets to his curse and try to survive. He’s a great character though I can see why he some people don’t like him.

I’m still hoping that someone will find out what’s he’s been going through. My guess is Beako since she’s seems to know a lot more than she seems. I mean she’s in a library, maybe she has a book on curses that will help Subaru?

2 thoughts on “Re:Zero Episode 8.

  1. terranceacrow says:

    “While she’s asked what was going on, she didn’t push which is why that scene in that room was heartwarming.”

    Wasn’t that scene fantastic? Subaru had steeled himself against all sorts of adversity — but her single moment of kindness absolutely destroyed his defenses! In a good way, because goodness knows he needed to get himself into a better place or he was going to have a breakdown.

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    • naomiblog says:

      I’m so glad we got to see such a wonderful scene where we see a different side to Subaru. For once, he stops holding it in, thinking no one would care.

      Emilia doesn’t even know whats going on and yet she’s still so supportive.

      I hope there are more of these scenes;. 🙂

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