Joker Game Episode 12.

I hate saying this, but this show wasn’t worth my time in the end. Even with my long kind of  hiatus that I never announced on Twitter. Sorry about that guys. XD (Spoilers)


I imagine your faces are the spy on the left’s. XD

I don’t understand who thought that this episode was acceptable for a finale? Maybe it’s my own fault for continuing to hold out hope for this show every time I reviewed it?

This episode was Sakuma, the military man’s from episode 1 except this new guy is hired by Yuuki while Sakuma refuses to join the ranks of the cold emotionless machines that are the other spies.

JG 21

Odagiri, (the spy of the week in this episode) ends up failing his mission because his target died. He spends the whole episode trying to see if the german spies girlfriend, Yuriko  who strongly resembles the woman who raised is the culprit. In the end, it turns out it’s Yuriko’s fellow actress friends, Miyoko who killed the guy due to her jealousy of Yuriko.


Man, that was an obvious twist. I mean really? That’s what they go with, the typical woman’s feelings get in the way of her judgement and she kills a guy because she’s jealous of her friend? It should have been something else, it’s such a cliché I’m tired of seeing. 

So Miyoko is arrested and Odagiri resigns from the agency, he’s annoyed at the fact that he wasn’t able to see the true culprit due to his obsession with Yuriko. I will say this , I thought it was very interesting to see a spy struggling to keep his emotions in check, I think if character development existed in this show, I would have sympathised with him. But because he’s a spy of the week character, I’m not as invested as I should have been.

While it was nice to see the all the other spies in this episode, I don’t understand why they exist just to tease and put down Odagiri due to his emotions. It would have been great to see that when they’re away from Yuuki’s gaze, their personalities come out.


This could have worked with this show’s episodic nature except for the fact that they are spies and each character is given an identity each episode, so they have to pretend to be someone else.

This show overall was very underwhelming and I wish that I had dropped it back in the early episodes. When I watch and review anime, I like to take something away from it, whether it be in Naruto (don’t give up on your dreams)  or One Piece (Friendship is important so choose your friends wisely)  – That last bit isn’t what I take away from one piece it’s something I remind myself every now and then. XD



What are your thoughts?

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