Angel Beats Episode 13


An emotional episode that made me laugh. (Spoilers)

I have to say, I loved this finale. Most of this episode focuses on the Graduation Ceremony for the remaining students. Turns out T.K and others accepted their past and disappeared. So now Yuri, Otonashi, Kanade, Hinata and Naoi are left.

The Graduation Ceremony was a brilliant mix of comedic and emotional moments. The funniest scene for me was when the group were singing Kanade’s battle anthem. “Before you die, be sure to eat some mapo tofu?” Wow Kanade, what a sendoff! XD


Otonashi’s final speech was so beautiful, I was reminded of how much he’s developed since the beginning. His voice actor throughout this show has done a great job of capturing his emotions when he reached his high points and low point. There’s no music at all in this scene and the ones following which to me finalizes that this is end for these characters who have accepted the life they had.


Naoi thanking Otonashi and remembering his struggle before he left was when I cried. I’d been holding it in throughout the episode but when he remembered how far he’s come I realized once again what a great character he was. One minute the camera focused on him then he was gone in the next shot.

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Yuri and Kanade’s friendship was a great surprise and I’m glad she mentioned it before she left. Yuri led the battlefront well and it was cool to see her relax in the end.


Hinata leaving was sad as well. I think he summarised this episode best. None of the characters would have closure if Otonashi hadn’t arrived. He was a fun character who was more than a comedic relief character and I’m glad he had his moments to shine. Best Bro Hinata. 🙂


I wasn’t expecting Otonashi to ask Kanade to stay in that world with him. Other people will end up in this world and may stay behind like Yuri and Co, Otonashi wants to help them move forward which to me was a great idea. Can Otonashi stop being a great guy please! He’s too kind-hearted to be a great MC! XD


A last-minute reveal right at the end of this episode. I wasn’t ready for it! 0_0

It turns out Otonashi was able to save someone’s life with his heart which turns out to be Kanade. Which is why she was in the world in the first place, to thank him.  I can’t believe she knew since she stabbed him back in episode 1!


What an ending! Kanade disappears while Otonashi repeats that he loves her and that’s it. Everyone disappears in the end credits and we get a small glimpse of Otonashi meeting Kanade again in another world.

I love this anime, the animation, music (the piano was so good!) and characters was amazing, I’ll miss reviewing this one.

I’ll definitely watch this one again in future.

2 thoughts on “Angel Beats Episode 13

  1. Karandi says:

    I love Angel Beats and this final episode is just perfect. Okay, it always leaves me a crying mess but that’s probably a good thing given no matter how many times I watch the episode it still hits me hard.

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