Charlotte Episode 13.


Yu’s adventure’s all over the world was actually fascinating. (Spoilers)

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this episode as much as did. This episode highlighted Yu’s character development throughout the show which was great to see. Yu losing his memories during his journey actually made the episode better. Despite forgetting everyone, he never forgot his mission which was interesting to see.


Honestly, I think someone should have accompanied him on this one, you can see the strain all the new abilities has on Yu. Resorting to pills to keep him awake in case he goes of the rails was extreme but again that scene exists to show us Yu’s inner struggle.

It was fun to see Yu go off the rails and yet deep down he didn’t cross the line when it came to the men encountered. His facial expressions were great, reminded me of Lelouch from Code Geass.


My favourite moment was when he met the last ability wielder who power was courage. I thought that moment was another reminder of Yu’s struggle to believe in himself throughout the show.

Hmm this ending..

Yu made it back but he’s lost his memories but I guess it’s ok because he kept Nao’s flash cards? I mean that the way Nao sees it. But I’m not sure if the ending itself was what I expected. By the way Nao’s change in personality is so weird. But I guess she had all that time to think about Yu and what she wanted?


The rest of this episode was funny and emotional but this ending made me feel nothing at all. It’s a shame though with the character, the animation and the great music, I expected better.






3 thoughts on “Charlotte Episode 13.

  1. terranceacrow says:

    I think this episode is severely under appreciated!

    “Honestly, I think someone should have accompanied him on this one, you can see the strain all the new abilities has on Yu.”

    From Yu’s perspective and health, he really could have used the support! But from the perspective of drama, him being alone was fantastic. We got the chance to see what happened when he was pushed past his limits. He lost his memories, but that little book Nao gave him gave him something to latch onto, even though he didn’t know why.

    That’s ridiculously romantic! In a bizarre sort of way…

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    • naomiblog says:

      You know, I didn’t think about that! I guess it was a good idea for Yu to be alone in the end.

      It was great that he made it back to Nao but I wish their relationship was explored earlier in the episodes.

      I think the way this show ended was good but the relationship between Yu and Nao wasn’t handled well.

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      • terranceacrow says:

        That’s a good point. I think they might have made a good couple — maybe a great couple — but now we’ll never know!


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