Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 12.


Happy New Year Everyone! Hope you had a great christmas as well. It’s a shame that I have to start the new year giving you this boring show with a disappointing finale. (Spoilers)

You know, I was fine with the constant cuts to Snow White and Fav while Ripple vs Swim Swim was going on. Snow White needed a reason to go to the battlefield and Fav gave her that. But what I’m not ok with is how quick the fight was and how boring it was. Ripple blinded in one eye and getting her one arm cut off is just expected since this is the finale.


Especially when it’s done for shock value. That’s the issue with this entire show, these girls died for shock value with similar sad back story’s. Obviously the back stories were used to motivate some of them, but in end they died before we knew any of them.

So the fight ends with Swim Swim’s weakness exposed and her identity revealed to Ripple. And then Ripple stabs as she should and that’s the end of that.


The rest of this episode is….. I’m struggling to find the words.

Boring? Already used that.

Dull? Same thing as above.

10 minutes I could have used to do something else? I’ll go with that.

The rest of this episode was such a waste of 10 minutes. 10 minutes I could have used to do something else.

Snow White is declared Master and decides to continue punching the indestructible Master pod thing they use to communicate.


I think would have liked to have seen Snow White struggle to adjust to everyday life again. Plagued by nightmares of what she’s seen and trying to find someone she could confide in.

Personally, I think that would have been better than what we got. Snow White disappearing for six months and sparring with Ripple isn’t the way to end a finale or get me interested in another season. Which I hope is never announced.


The appeal of this show to me was that these group of characters with interesting designs fight to the death, but what’s the point when the two uninteresting characters are the survivors?

Relying only on shock value and blood with magical girl’s in it doesn’t always work.

It’s a shame the writers of this show couldn’t see that.




What are your thoughts?

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