Update: I’m alive again! So don’t worry, this blog isn’t going anywhere. :)

Hey guys, how are you all? I’m back on this blog finally after weeks of no content.

So I’ve never really posted about my life that much, expect mentioning my childhood in some reviews. I’m pretty private and make sure my focus is posting reviews and other content. But I thought you guys deserve to at least know why I haven’t posted in a while (It has been weeks after all.)

After months of job hunting, I’ve finally found a job! The unfortunate thing is, I won’t be able to post daily content anymore. I’ve tried this week to post something but it’s been hard.

You know when you come home from work and all you want to do is sleep? Yeah, that’s how things are for me now which is kinda annoying. But hey, we’ve all got to work.

I’ve decided to get rid of my Anime Reviews Schedule since I won’t be able to stick to  it anymore. And I don’t want you guys expecting a post on a certain day and get nothing at the end of that day.

So the anime that are coming to an end will be posted first. Magical Girl Raising Project and Charlotte will be up first. I’m actually doing it this way so I can focus on the longer anime that I have yet to finish.

I’ve also dragged all my reviews out long enough.

This blog is going to slow down in terms of content tremendously but if I can I’ll try to squeeze in an Editorial or a News post as well. I’d like some more variety on this blog which is why the editorials and news posts exist.

I’m so so sorry I haven’t updated in ages. I really hope I can make this work.

Until then, see you next week!

Hopefully. XD