Now it’s Hollywood’s turn to make an Live-Action Attack on Titan Movie.

Yes, you’ve read that right.

Hollywood is making an Attack on Titan Movie. Why? Who asked for this? We already have not one but TWO terrible Live Action movies made by Japan. According to the Hollywood Reporter they mentioned that the man who directed the IT remake, Andy Muschietti is at the helm of this soon to be disaster.

AOT 21

Normally I’d try to be a bit positive about news like this but I just can’t. May I remind you of Dragon Ball: Evolution? Or Ghost in the Shell? Sorry but those were awful. I know that this isn’t a movie that appeared on the big screen but the Fullmetal Alchemist movie that came out last year? Yes that was bad as well. My main problem with that movie was that they crammed about 3 arcs into a 2 hour film. Why?


Back to Attack on Titan, I have no hope for this. The reason why the anime and manga are great is because we get the time to know most of the characters. Season 1 had 25 episodes, enough time to develop some characters and understand how their world works.

I’m not sure Hollywood will tackle this. Hopefully they learn from the past Live Action Animes. Don’t add characters into random scenes and PLEASE stick to the source material.

What are your thoughts?

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