Yuki Yuna is a Hero Episode 10.


Toga screen time is always good but this time it’s sad. Not sure why it’s taken 10 episodes for the plot to finally kick in? Spoilers.

Great to see more focus on Toga in this episode. She’s my favourite out of all of the girls. That being said, I’m annoyed at the fact that there was no reveal in her back story. It’s obvious at this point that Toga was a hero before and lost her legs because of it, so why no reveal? I don’t see the need to hide it anymore. I’m pretty sure most of us have come to that conclusion.


Other than the back story nothing really grabbed me this episode. I don’t care about how she met Yuna or how the Hero club was formed.  I don’t need to see Toga come to the conclusion again that the spirit things aren’t on their side, that moment felt like a waste of time. It’s still a disturbing conclusion to get to though.

The comedic moments don’t fit in this show anymore especially in this episode. Once this show tried to go dark, they should have done away with comedy moments. It’d be able to take this show seriously if they did this.


Ok so I just said that nothing else grabbed me in this episode but I was wrong. The true nature of the world is revealed. And holy crap I was not ready to hear that Toga and the others are living in this bubble and the world outside doesn’t exist. Well it does but it’s an empty void filled with vertexes.

YY 13

When Toga broke down, I felt sorry for her, the vertexes are reforming and the world they’re living in is a lie who wouldn’t break down at that point. I’m not sure I understand what she’s going to do next, hopefully next episode won’t be full of stupid crap.


What are your thoughts?

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