A Lull in the Sea Episode 13.


The Chaos was just beautiful. Spoilers.

That little moment before the intro was great, Manaka basically confessing to Tsumugu using  her longing for the sun as a reference to Tsumugu and her desire to see the surface.


The scene after the intro was even better in my opinion, here we have Hikari not only reflecting on his feelings for Manaka but everyone’s else’s feelings are mentioned as well. This episode felt like a finale but of course the end of this episode had to happen but I’ll get to that.

Forget Chisaki’s confession scene, Hikari’s was even better. I was a little teary eyed listening to way he mentioned how everyone was important to him. Whether Manaka likes him back or not, Manaka is still important to him. I love the slow zoom in on Hikari as he says this and the start of “Cry for the Moon” beginning to play.


I think this is what is missing in confession scenes, whether the other character likes the MC or not is still shouldn’t change how important the person is to them. When characters confess and rejections happen, the characters tend to drift apart and forgot how important the other person is to them. Hikari has matured so much.

As soon as Akari was flung off the boat and ” Heart that slips by” starts playing, I realised how much I love this show. Water Toranado’s, Chisaki’s screams, tower’s falling into the sea. There was so much chaos that I decided to add it as a tag XD.


So Manaka takes Akari’s place and dies I guess? That slam sounded like a goddamn killing blow like Randy Orton RKO XD. I hope she isn’t dead despite how annoying she is, I still like her. Hikari and Kaname are in the sea so their hibernating. Which leaves Chisaki on the surface.

That moment with Chisaki and her parents is even more heartbreaking because its pretty much the last time they’ll see each other again.

This was a fantastic episode, if I was to point out a nitpick it would be Kaname’s attitude towards Chisaki earlier in the episode. We get it, you like her but that doesn’t mean you need to remind her of your feelings. Give her space, that’s my issue with him, he’s desperate in his own way.

Anyway, I can’t wait for next episode. 

What are your thoughts?

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