Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 10.


There are only two episodes left and we’re getting this reveal now? Why? Spoilers.

So it was obvious that the angel magical girl found out Alice’s identity last week. Poor Alice didn’t see it coming. Swim Swim wasted no time disposing of her, which brings her total kills to four now. Unfortunately Snow White couldn’t get to Alice in time but at least Alice was finally able to give her the luck rabbit charm before she died.


Alice’s back story is pretty sad but isn’t everybody’s in this show? She felt like she was a burden due to her father killing her mother. This is the reason why she latched on to Snow White. As soon as I saw her real form I knew that she was the girl Snow White helped out in episode 1.

It’s a shame she’s gone now she and Snow White worked well together. Snow White finally realises there are no good magical girls. No good magical girls? (Pretends to be shocked) What made you think that? The fact that most of them have been killing each other left and right since episode 3? Snow White’s realisation is unnecessary at this point in the story.

MG 15

She’s frustrating to watch because there are only two things she does, helping people and crying. I hope Ripple wins, at least she’s not afraid to face opponents. If Snow White was smart, she would have tried to learn how to fight to make up for her lack of power.

So while the reveal in this episode was surprising, it’s stupid. We only have two episodes left and only now we’re getting the reason why these girl’s are in this game? They’re part of a selection program to choose the next master? Why is this a thing?


This plot reveal is dumb and does nothing for the plot. It would have been better if this  was brought up earlier. Springing it up on us now only adds questions that will never be answered.

You know the one moment I laughed in this episode was when Cranberry killed the angel magical girl and basically said that Winterprison was killed by fodder. And it’s true, the plot called for it and Winterprison died.

Looks like next week is Cranberry vs Swim Swim and Tama. I’m betting on Swim Swim winning and Cranberry somehow dying because the plot calls for it.

What are your thoughts?

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