Kiznaiver Episode 9.


That rain scene was the best moment in this episode.

Yes, finally Kacchon can feel others pain. Well it’s only when he hugs Nori I think?  It was a beautiful moment when he remembered all the other Kiznaiver kids. He cried for the first time because he finally understood.


Unfortunately he hurts Chidori in process and is told to run after her by Tenga who has to do some running himself since it’s revealed that Nico likes Tenga. It was great to see Yuta step up and tell Tenga to go after Nico. He’s right, Nico’s love for Tenga is exactly the same as Chidori’s love for Kacchon.

Even Nico was great basically telling Chidori that she’s not the only one hurt in this situation. I respected her in that moment. And when she called herself a hypocrite later. Chidori for a second was looked like she was going to wallow in sadness.


Looks like Chidori leveled up since Kacchon and everyone else can now read her thoughts. You know when Chidori asked Kacchon in her heart to hold her and he did, I was expecting a punch to the face, but it turns out it’s Tenga doing the punching again…

Can this guy just stop? Why does everything involving you include yelling and punching? He had no right to be punching Kacchon, you should be punching yourself, you didn’t even go after Nico! Tenga’s attitude is disgusting!


Wow. I wasn’t expecting this anime to make me feel so sad. Looks like the mission is over and so is the friendship.

I wish that Tenga addressed Nico’s feelings and I wished that Chidori gave Kacchon a hard time, leaving it up in the air like this with the way they’re all feeling right now is horrible.

I wish that Chidori had explained to Kacchon why she thinks he’s cruel so he understands. No one wants a hug that has no love in it, especially in Chidori’s case. While Kacchon has developed, he has a long way to go before he can understand anyone’s feelings but if Chidori tries to explain it to him, that may help him.

That rain scene from the moment Kacchon stopped Chidori until the end was brilliant. The music was amazing, the animation was gorgeous as always and the voice acting was fantastic.

As expected of Studio Trigger!




What are your thoughts?

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