Joker Game Episode 10.


This is why you never try to look for Yuuki. Spoilers.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It was so well done. This episode focused on Yuuki and his back story. An enemy spy tries to find out who Yuuki is. His search leads him to a butler who knew Yuuki when he was growing up. This spy is so convinced by this story that he documents all of this in a scroll. I was convinced that this guy Akira was Yuuki.

JG 13

So in the end I realised that this was all a lie as soon as the enemy spy was captured. One of the moments I focused on was when the spy’s wedding ring was taken. I was curious as to what these military officers want with a ring. Until the spy revealed after he was strangely released that all his work over the ten years has been taken. Of course it was all in the wedding ring. Why didn’t I realise that?


But I have to say that was dumb on his part, why are all the recordings of your accomplices in your wedding ring? You could have hidden that anywhere else. The spy didn’t think he would get caught that’s why. He believed he was on to Yuuki but it turns out that while Akira is very much alive, he’s been in a comatose state for twenty years.

Yuuki is apparently an old army buddy of Akira’s and has been paying for his medical bills for years. It also turns out that Yuuki convinced the old butler to lie about who Akira is in case anyone came looking for Yuuki himself. Yuuki, as I mentioned last episode is a savage, he never leaves any traces.


Even though the spy was the enemy, it was nice of Yuuki to reunite him with his wife. While he lost everything, he still has his wife at least.

Good guy Yuuki, he didn’t even have to do that. While he is a badass spy, he still has a heart.


What are your thoughts?

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