Danganronpa The Animation Episode 10.


Monobear continues to be the funniest character in this show. It must be the sound effects. Spoilers.

Nobuya Oyama is a fantastic voice for Monobear. She’s great at switching from sad to happy to straight up annoyed in an instant. Monobear is a lot of fun to watch on-screen and I always look forward to what he has to say next.

Oh yeah, this show has a story so I guess I should review that. This episode is the same as all the other ones. After the class trial, the students go and investigate the next floor that opens up. The only change to this episode is that there is a mastermind who has stolen Monobear’s “stolen treasure”, I’d prefer a name so I don’t have to write that everytime but whatever.


Apparently there’s a body in the garden and Naegi believes it’s the sixteenth student that was hiding in the school. I think it was Junko since she was the only one who had those nails since she was the fashion student or expert. Whatever I don’t remember XD.

The end of this episode made up for a very boring and dragged out episode. It turns out the students are on a reality show. At least one answer has been given but now more questions have popped up. The sixteenth student is the one who died in the garden and was also the one in Naegi’s room that night. So she’s dead and I don’t care. I do care that Kirigiri will be blamed for this, I like her.


The classroom trial is next so hopefully some answers will be given.

What’s up with the ending outro, I thought that all the dead people appeared on their except Naegi so does that mean the rest of the students are alive?

Give me answers for goodness sake, Danganronpa please.


What are your thoughts?

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