Charlotte Episode 11.


This episode was amazing but it was also so heartbreaking. Spoilers

Charlotte, the comet is the reason these kids have these powers? I’m not sure how to feel about this plot point. I don’t understand why this couldn’t have been revealed before? We’ve had so many episodes where nothing really happened yet it’s only now in episode 11, 2 episodes before the end that the vaccine and the comet are revealed?


It seems like the plot was only thought about at the end and the “ability of week” disease invaded this anime like the TV shows on the CW network. (Of course I’m talking about the Flash and Arrow here.)

The bad guys got to work in the episode, first Kumagami, then Nao. At some point, Yu was going to snap and he did. It was amazing, everything problem I mentioned with Yu in the past episode, Yu admitted it all. What he doesn’t understand is that’s who he was. He has become someone who cares about others now.


That scene with Yu vs those two adults was terrifying. Yu is able to use his powers but his eye was slashed so in desperation he uses the collapse ability. Ok so this needs to be said. Yu was cut by that light girl but instead of using telekenisis to get her away from him since she has a knife right behind him, he uses the ability on the two guys who we know have no weapons on them?

Seriously? I understand that he was taken by surprise before he got his eye slashed but after that what’s stopping him from kicking her butt? I thought that moment didn’t make sense, those guys are unarmed you said it yourself so why are you wasting your power on them?

Shinsuke… when he dropped that cane and started running. Poor guy, desperately reaching out for Kumagami. What an amazing guy, he was able to protect Nao with his body. We only got to know him through a flashback but that was enough for me. We saw the relationship between Shinsuke and him. It’s so sad that he died.


Other than giving the ability weilders around the world the vaccine, I don’t know where this show is going. Hopefully Yu and Shinsuke don’t snap and remember what Kumagami died for.

What are your thoughts?

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