Attack on Titan Episode 15 and 16.


Petra Rall, Auruo Bossard, Erd Gin, Gunter Schultz, these guys are part of the Levi Squad which means they’re elites…. hahahaha! Spoilers.

So not much happened in episode 15, it was mostly Hanji talking to Eren about her experiments. Eren made a mistake in that department. Turns out Hanji can chat about titans and experiments for hours.

“This is like a home for weirdos”. It is Eren and you fit right in.


I laughed when Hanji screamed when she found out that  Sawney and Bean (the two titans she named) were dead. It’s hard to take the scene seriously with her maniac screaming in the background.


Erwin line: “Who do you think is the enemy?” is a line that sums up this whole show. The enemy is not always who you think it is. Eren should have used his brain, he might have been able to figure things out earlier but he isn’t Armin so I can’t blame him.

Episode 15 was a much better episode. I love that Marco’s words resonate with Jean so much so that he joins the Survey Corps. That scene where he tells the group at the bonfire for the dead reminds me why I love this show.

While yes, the titan fights are great, the character development and interactions are just as important, if no so even more than the fights.


Erwin’s line about Eren allegiance in his speech..

I’ll stop there before I ruin anything. Ha. Ha.

“The Mortality rate is 30 percent” Wow, what an amazing way to convince cadets to join the Survey Corps.  I understand that he needed to be honest with them, but still he could have lied about the figures. But then we wouldn’t have had that amazing scene of the cadets struggling to decide whether to join the Military Police or stay.


While it was obvious that the cadets except from Annie would stay, it doesn’t take away that brilliant scene with the cadets.

The animation was great, the voice acting was great and the music was amazing. I absolutely love this soundtrack and it get better as the seasons go on.

Jean once again proving how much he’s developed, since the battle of Trost. Not everyone can blindly follow Eren like Mikasa can. “We have a right to know what exactly we’re risking out lives for”. What a brilliant line.


This episode once again reminds us how cruel this world is. People die without being claimed as hero’s, they die meaningless deaths. Despite Jean saying all this, he still believes in Eren.

It’s great to have a character in an anime who doesn’t just exist as the MC’s rival, Jean is there to be the voice of the cadets. He’s there to remind us the audience that he’s just as important as the main trio, Eren, Mikasa and Armin. 

So next episode is the big expedition, so I might triple review next week.

What are your thoughts?

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