Yuki Yuna is a Hero Episode 9.


I have a feeling the end of this anime will be so sad. Spoilers.

The reveal of last episode is starting to affect the girls. The focus on Fu puts her in a sad light. I feel sorry for her since she has to worry about her eye and Itsuki’s voice. I was wondering if she would end up breaking down at some point, she did a little bit when she realised that Itsuki’s voice will never come back thanks to Toga.

Speaking of Toga, the fact that she so casually revealed that she tried to commit suicide all to see if what the girl said was true was disturbing. She should be shaking and crying but instead she’s calm while she explains this to Yuki and Fu. While Fu sounded shocked, Yuki thinks that it’s a good thing that the fairies are protecting them.


Yuki needs to see  this in the way that Toga sees this situation, the fairies are not on their side even though they tried to stop Toga many times.

Fu needs to stop sending those messages asking about their health situation. Now Karin has been given the task of observing the other girls who according to her boss, are mentally unstable.


So Fu does breakdown and cry but not until she hears Itsuki sing on the computer. Apparently she sent a recording of her singing to some music agency and she passed the screening. It’s a shame she won’t be able to do it.

Fu vs Karin. I was not expecting this, I mean I knew someone would snap but I thought it would be Toga first. Honestly this is why Karin and Itsuki should have been told, now look Karin believes that Fu is now crazy.


I don’t like the way this episode ended. Positivity and love will make everything ok in the end! I guess violence won’t solve anything but still, I wanted to see some destruction.

Boo to this episode. Boooo.

What are your thoughts?

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