Psycho Pass Episode 9.

PP 12

Gino needs to think about the bigger picture here. Spoilers

This episode was a setup for the next arc which I was fine with because we had some great moments in this episode. The subject that was brought up in this episode was cyberization. As we see in the Psycho Pass universe, people are divided on this subject. The idea of becoming a full robot or cyborg sounds terrifying. I don’t believe that tampering with the human body is a good idea, there are always consequences in the end.

Having cyborg limbs to me, is only a good idea when it’s used on someone who is suffering a fatal disease otherwise it shouldn’t using for anything else especially living beyond the lifespan of 150 years. This is why when we’re introduced to the hunter who killed Rikako last episode, I couldn’t  take him seriously.


Apart from his brain and nervous system, he is entirely robotic. He made some great points such as society’s constant reliance on technology, but his point became blurry once he continued to hammer on about how humans beings should get rid of their limiting bodies and become cyborgs.

One of the best moments in this episode was when we Akane stood up for Kogami and snapped at Gino. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this angry, I was proud of her for sticking up for the enforcers. Just because she doesn’t understand everything, doesn’t mean she should be treated like a child. Gino needs to her understand that.


As great as it was to learn about the past  discrimination that surrounded the criminals and their families, this affected Gino as well due to his father being a criminal. That doesn’t excuse Gino’s attitude towards the enforcers. Akane was right about everything she said, they need to work together because that’s how the system works.

Gino needs to put his personal feelings aside and act like the professional he thinks he is.

What are your thoughts?

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