Psycho Pass Episode 8.


Kougami I love you, you’re the best. Also this guy above is a very interesting character. Spoiler as usual.

Episode 8 was amazing, I loved how Kougami took charge in this episode. His hunch was correct and I’m so glad he followed it. So Akane and Kougami head to a facility where Crime Coeffficients over 300 are kept in isolation. It’s interesting to see how each criminal has their own way to cope, whether it’s reading books, smoking or drawing on your body like the guy they meet.

I have to say, the way the other members of the group were investigating, nothing would have come from it. It was disappointing to see them just ask student questions or just sit around. For a disturbing case like this, force was needed. Taking Kogami off the team was the wrong move.


The music in this episode was haunting but made the scenes all the more intriguing.. The Organ Pipe playing while Rikako runs away and then dies was awesome. Makishima is a pretty cool guy, he likes play with people like their a toy which is what he did with Rikako.  Underlings are always expendable and she didn’t realise that in the end. I believe that the mistake she made was only picking students at the school rather than all over Japan.


I was expecting her death to be more brutal. But I guess being hunted like an animal is brutal. I don’t feel any pity for her, she clearly wanted her talent recognised but in the end she had no talent. She made those sculptures but they were amateurish, she was only copying her father, she hid behind those quotes of hers. She was never original or creative. Makishima eventually realised this and move on.

Rikako was a sociable person yet when she makes that phone in the call in the end, she calls her father who’s already left the world. I understand that she wanted revenge, but why kill innocent girls, why not go after whoever started this dumb system in the first place?


My only problem with this episode was the Dominator and Akane. I’m sorry those Dominators are useless, Rikako wouldn’t have been captured with a stun gun, she would need to be alive in order to then find her accomplice. Why does the gun need an internet connection to be turned off? Seriously? Who thought that was a good idea? 


Ok, we all know she has a crush on Kougami but can she focus on her job for one second? You should be focusing on what your boss is telling you. Stop trying to get his attention. I mean I get it, he’s a badass and he’s hot but your job is more important than a crush.

This will get annoying fast if she’s still like this next episode.


What are your thoughts?

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