Danganronpa Episode 9


Monobear sleeping was me for most of this episode.

So, most of this episode was predictable. Asahina blaming the three culprits, the two of them revealing that they hit Sakura once before they left, there’s wasn’t anything that I was surprised by. The one moment that made me raise my eyebrows was when I realised that Bakuya didn’t tamper with the evidence this time, like he did in that other trial.

It’s pretty sad that Sakura decided to end things herself, apparently even wrote a will. I’m sorry, I laughed at this. You’re kidding me right, when did she have time to do that? I know this anime pulls a lot of stupid stuff out of their behind, but this was incredibly stupid.


So it turns out that Sakura did have time to write a will and Monobear hid it from Asahina, who had the one Monobear wrote. Monobear is messed up for that! But I still found it funny because of the way he revealed it. XD

Alter Ego is gone. I’m not going to miss him. I thought that he was a wasted opportunity. All that time and all he could get was a 2 pictures and reveal some small info about the school?


That info didn’t help further the plot, at least not that I can remember.

Like I said before, this episode was boring while Sakura’s death was sad, it wasn’t enough to pull me out of my boredom. I will say this Chiwa Saito, the voice of Asahina does an amazing job at making me feel for Asahina, you can hear the pain and despair in Asahina’s voice. Great voice.


I thought that the execution was great too. It’s so different from the regular animation that we get, that it stand out. I still somewhat enjoy this show, despite how dull it’s become. But I’ll stick it out until the end.

I keep telling myself that maybe the next episode will be better but I’m not holding out hope for it.


What are your thoughts?

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