Charlotte Episode 10


Shunsuke has done so much for everyone.

The first half of this episode was amazing, watching Shunsuke using time leap again and again was awesome to see. His plans kept failing, but he refused to give up and eventually created the school that Yu and friends go to, to keep them safe.


Shunsuke decides in the end, to work behind the scenes to keep everyone safe. We’ve only known Shunsuke for an episode, but his dedication to his friends and family, his determination is what makes him a great character. I enjoyed the first half a lot.

The second half of this episode was just a great as the first, with Yu acquiring his brother’s time leap ability to go back to the past and save Ayumi. I loved the way he handled it as well, he was cautious in revealing too much and aware of his surroundings.


It’s great that we didn’t have to wait for Yu to take Ayumi’s ability when she’s at school and in that situation, he takes it the night before and yet still Ayumi finds herself in the same position as she was before.

But this time Yu has mostly Nao helping him. I love how Nao scared that girl, it was animated well. So Yu saves Ayumi and the two of them go off to see Shunsuke.


Yu’s character development has been amazing. I love his character.

Brilliant episode, the pacing was great, the comedy was funny for once and the music was great as usual.

Can’t wait for next episode.




What are your thoughts?

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