Psycho Pass Episode 7


No Akane, you’re supposed to be discreet when you check a guy out! XD

This was a great episode. The scene between Akame and Kogami was great even though it was sad. It turns out that Kogami lost a friend in the past. Gino decided to take Kogami of the art case due to this fact.

It was nice to see a different side to Kogami, it’s horrible the way Sasayama went out though under that sign, “Our safe stress care will transport you to a world without suffering”. I’d like to see Kogami like this in future episodes. The piano playing softly in the background set the tone for this scene.  Fantastic way to understand how he’s feeling.


So I’m wondering if Mashima is the one that killed his friend or if it’s Rikako?

Speaking of Rikako, we now know why she’s killing these girls, for revenge. Her father was an artist would paint grotesque paintings, the same way Rikako does. Those paintings are disturbing, one of them forced me to look away. It’s the same as the sculptures that the police find.


The scene between Mashima and that guy in the mansion went on for too long. I understand why it was there, to explain why Rikako is killing these girls and to explain Rikako’s father and how he suffered. I just thought the scene could have been shorter.

Of course, Yoshika is dead and now it looks like her childhood friend is dead too. I hate that the last thing she’ll look at is Yoshika’s dismembered body floating in that tank.

Rikako calm facial expressions are great to see, normally you’d expect to see a psychopath’s face change and shift into crazy expressions. To me, she’s even scarier because she doesn’t make those expressions.


I’m hoping that this case is resolved next week, hopefully Rikako doesn’t go down without a fight.


What are your thoughts?

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