Danganronpa The Animation Episode 8.


There’s something about Bakuya that I like.

This episode was fine. Other than Alter Ego revealing that the principal is possibly behind the students imprisonment and Sakura being the mastermind’s secret agent, not much happened in this episode.

It was filled with dialogue that dragged on a little too much. As much as I like Naegi, but he’s too kindhearted at times. Take the scene in the gym, while Bakuya came across as  harsh, he was right in what he said.


None of them can trust Sakura since she is the agent. She mentioned that if no one died, then she would have to kill someone, that was what the mastermind ordered her to do. So why should she be trusted again?

I understand that Naegi was trying to defend Sakura by explaining to the group of what he saw transpire between Sakura and Monobear, but it kind of comes of as silly especially when Sakura reveals after all that time, she doesn’t know who the mastermind is.


Wouldn’t you at least try to find that out first? Surely as the agent, you would have that advantage unlike Naegi and the others? Sakura didn’t betray the mastermind anyway, Monobear shared the secret with everyone. So what the point of this plot piece?

I guess some drama needed to be thrown in after episode 7’s classroom trial but couldn’t it have been something else?

So Sakura dying at the end wasn’t too surprising and neither was Asahina accusing Bakuya, Hagakura and Fukawa of killing Sakura. I highly doubt that any of these three are the culprits.


Hopefully there will be some surprises next week.  This episode was ok, but it felt like some scenes just dragged.

Does anyone else feel that Alter Ego will be found out somehow?


What are your thoughts?

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