91 Days Episode 8

Poor Corteo, I feel so bad for him. He didn’t ask to get dragged into Angelo’s revenge plot.

Mr Delphy is a man who comes into town to try to end the violence by stopping the Vanetti’s and the Fango Family. It looks like Fango is leading Mr Delphy to continue investigating the Vanetti Family. Nero is the acting head and decides to give the order to take out Mr Delphy’s family who are innocent in all of this. I wasn’t surprised when Avilio decides to go along with the plan. It shows how into the mafia life Avilio is. Corteo sees this and calls Avilio out on it, he didn’t ask to get dragged into this mess.

91 Days 43.PNG

The scene between Avilio and Corteo was sad, Avilio gives him some money so he can go to college, he asks Corteo to stay out of his life. I had been wondering throughout this show what Avilio thought of Corteo, now it’s obvious. He never cared about him, he wanted the alcohol he made, Lawless Heaven. It hurt me seeing Corteo chucking the money back at Avilio and screaming at him.

I thought it was clever the way Mr Delphy’s family scene was handled. It made me think that his family was really dead. The focus on Mr Delphy’s face was great. His facial expression was brilliant, you could see the shock and despair in his face. When he sees that his wife and daughter were in the barn the whole time, he drops to his knees which is a clear sign that he’s so relieved. I don’t even know Mr Delphy, we haven’t had the time to get to know him but I almost cried where I thought his family were dead. His wife and daughter are innocent in all of this.  I think Avilio might have left a note or something and that’s what saved them.

91 Days 44.PNG

Corteo why? Why are you the traitor? I wasn’t expecting Corteo to work with Fango of all people. He hates the mafia so why work with him? The guy is going to get himself killed.

So somehow Fango had got the recipe to Lawless Heaven which means he doesn’t need Corteo anymore. I have to say this scene scared me. As soon as the record player stopped playing music, I knew that Corteo was really done for. I did like that moment in that scene. The record player turning but no sound was coming out sent chills down my spine. But it turns out Corteo is going to be let go without being killed. I was happy for him, he was free but I was also suspicious. Corteo loses it and kills Fango which was shocking!.

91 Days 45.PNG

Fango didn’t even see it coming because he was to busy calling up the Vanetti house to rat Corteo out. I thought that Corteo was done once he hit Fango with the Lawless Heaven bottle and stabbed him in the neck but no he wasn’t done. He continues to hit Fango with the telephone on the floor of his mansion.

91 Days 46.PNG

I loved that moment because the record player is constantly replaying the music because it’s stuck and while this is going on, Corteo is still hitting Fango with the telephone while his blood is seeping into the curtain. You can’t even hear the sound of Corteo hitting Fango because there is no sound.

91 Days 47.PNG

Corteo has had enough of everything, so he was letting out his frustrations. I feel bad for him but that doesn’t make what he did any less disturbing.

I can’t wait for next episode, Avilio has to find out what Corteo had done. I wonder if he’ll kill him?


What are your thoughts?

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