91 Days Episode 7

Avilio reminded me that this a story about Revenge XD. How could I forget? (Spoilers)

So at first, I wasn’t very interested in the Frate vs Nero feud until Fio, Nero’s sister decided to get the two brothers to talk with her in a room. I felt like I understood where Frate and Nero were coming from because of the way they spoke to each other and the dialogue they used in this scene. Nero believed that Frate is Ronaldo Galassia’s puppet, Frate believes that Nero ruined the relationship between the Galassia’s and the Vanetti’s. I was on Nero’s side in their conversation.

91 Days 34.PNG

Frate is definitely Ronaldo’s puppet. This was obvious to see after Frate mentioned that Nero looked down on him when they were children, the reason why Frate follows Ronaldo is because he acknowledges Frate. No kid, he’s on your side because you have power. That’s the real reason. According to Ronaldo, Don Vanetti had chosen Frate to be the next don. I won’t believe it until I see Don Vanetti actually say it.

When Fio told Nero to talk to Ronaldo, I just shook my head. She should know what Ronaldo is like. All that guy wants is power, he doesn’t really care about the fight between brothers. He will just side with whoever comes out on top. I do feel bad for Fio though, she doesn’t want her brothers fighting but she can’t do anything except tell them to stop. This scene highlighted Fio’s innocence in this family fued.

91 Days 35

I love how Avilio uses the brother’s feud as his chance to cause some chaos. He uses Volpe, the guy who saved Nero back at the mansion to shoot Ronaldo who is with Frate in a car going somewhere. Shooting Volpe was the right idea as Ronaldo and Frate find the car Avilio and Volpe was in damaged with only Volpe in the car, dead.

91 Days 36.PNG

The brother’s feud ends up in the news which causes Frate to go crazy. He’s paranoid now as he believes Nero is going to kill him. Frate’s drinking even more now, shaking and had bigger bags under his eyes than he had in the scene earlier. I kind of find it funny how Frate even tries to persuade Ronaldo to go to chicago, where the Galassia’s live to escape. This scene showed how pathetic he was and also how desperate he was to get away from the situation that he started.

91 Days 37.PNG

I really like the small scene after the scene with Frate. Ronaldo tells Fio he’ll save everyone by talking to Nero. He makes sure to mention the baby he and Fio are having to convince her that things will be ok. He’s clearly manipulating Fio but she doesn’t see it. The baby will be the bond between the Galassia’s and the Vanetti’s he says. Fio’s eyes are very telling in this scene. their glassy and vacant almost as if she doesn’t care about anything any more. I loved the shot of just her eyes. Great scene that didn’t stretch on.

91 Days 39.PNG

I wasn’t expecting Fio to kill Ronaldo like that. I suspect that Avilio put that note in the bouquet of flowers so she could see it. It was a surprising scene.

91 Days 40.PNG

The final scene between Frate and Nero was a sad one. Frate just wanted to be acknowledged by his father. Did anyone notice that the gun Avilio gave to Frate was empty? What a sneaky guy. XD It’s the reason why Nero shot Frate first. Frate needed to die but he could have had a fighting chance if Avilio didn’t switch the guns. I was hoping for a cool fight between the brothers but Avilio ruined it.

91 Days 41.PNG

There was a lot of dialogue in this episode but I’m glad that most of it was important to the plot. It looks like there will be no time for chatting idle chatter anymore.


What are your thoughts?

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