Attack on Titan Episode 13

Mankind triumphed over the titans in this episode and it was amazing.

As soon as the track EMA started, I knew this would be an amazing episode. The track starts as the cadets look over to see that Eren is carrying the giant boulder to the trost entrance. EMA describes Eren, Mikasa and Armin perfectly, each part of the track is something you’ve heard of when one of these characters are on-screen. Eren looks like something you would see in a video game. He looks like the big boss you would beat near the end of a video game even though he’s the “hero”. I quoted Hero because that’s what Eren wants to be in a way, he wants to eradicate all the titans but he’s not there yet. He needs to learn patience and he needs to go to anger management classes. XD

Attack 91.PNG

I believe the song that played after EMA  is called Call of Silence, I might have to check that at some point. As Eren thinks about how cruel the world is, people are dying all around him and it’s sad as Ian saves someone and dies in his place. He had a small part in this show and we didn’t see much of him but I liked him.

When Eren slammed that boulder down on the ground, I had chills. It was just so well done.  Clearly the animation studio thought so too as they showed Eren slam the boulder down three times. Riko crying because her friends didn’t die in vain was amazing, as she shoots up the green flare, Commander Pixis and the rest of the Soldiers look on.

Attack 92.PNG

Mankind’s first victory against the titans came at a price which is to be expected. 207 dead or missing and 897 injured in battle. Somehow Marco died in the battle, half of his body is missing which is surprising. I didn’t care about Marco that much, he existed to make Jean realise that he can lead people. Jean finding him like that is sad as he was the closest to Marco. One again this show displays how death is a permanent remainder of how the titans will always have an advantage over humans. It’s also there to show the effect it has on the living.

Attack 93.PNG

I mean look at the woman, Jean talks to. 2 days have passed since the battle of trost ended, corpses are still being collected and you can see how much this effected this woman is. Her eyes say it all, she didn’t even need to say that corpses have been collected for 2 days. Her lines are there to hammer in the fact that even an Adult like her is affected by all of this.

Attack 94.PNG

Titan throwing up humans since they have no digestive organs is disgusting. It’s a huge ball of humans, all squashed up and mangled. Poor Sasha. You can see how much this affected her due to black lines on her face. I love that the animation studio does this. They don’t rely on just wide eyes to show how shocked people are, they clearly add these lines in to hammer in the fact that these people are just shocked, a whole range of emotions are circling inside them. Wit Studio are such a small team who provide beautiful animation. I hope they hire more people to work with them, they’re so small. 

I was surprised to see Annie apologising, from what we’ve seen of her she doesn’t look like the type to apologise. Now that I think about it, no one can keep their emotions in check forever.

Attack 95.PNG

These are sad moments that I’m glad was added, if this episode had focused on the victory the humans have over the titans, I wouldn’t have liked this episode as much as I did. It looks like Eren is going to join the Recon Corps next episode. The key to the basement better be a huge focus next episode.

What are your thoughts?

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