Attack on Titan Episode 12

Armin was desperate in this episode but I can see why.

I was surprised to see how quickly this plan fell apart. Eren, for some reason can’t control his titan. I think I might be because he slammed into the roof before he transformed, last episode. The elite team can’t decide on whether they should protect Eren or not. Riko and the brown-haired guy don’t want to protect Eren as the believe the plan was hopeless from the start, Ian manages to convince the two to protect Eren. Meanwhile Armin arrives at the scene and tries to talk to Eren who right now is dreaming about his family.

Attack 85.PNG

I have to say when Eren wakes up in dreamland and sees his family with my mum still alive, it had a creepy vibe to it. It doesn’t help that the woman singing or moaning hammers in the fact that this scene isn’t right. Armin is amazing he wasted no time stabbing Eren in his arm to wake him up, it was disturbing to see Eren titan writhing about in pain. It sounded like titan Eren was gurgling on blood or something.

Attack 86.PNG

I loved the scene when Armin screams at Eren to wake up, to avenge his mother, while Armin is hitting the titan flesh to wake Eren up, Eren in dreamland is watching Armin hit the window and telling himself that Armin isn’t making any sense.

It lets us as the audience know that Eren is happy and comfortable in this dream state. His mum is alive and his Dad is around. The blanket wrapped around Eren shows that he feels he’s safe.

Attack 87.PNG

Eren doesn’t want to face reality which is why he dreamed up this place. Eren is able to wake up thanks to Armin’s words about wanting to see the outside world.

Attack 89.PNG

I loved how it was done, that choir at the end of the episode was beautiful while Eren’s family burned away due to the fire in Eren’s heart that suddenly appeared was great. XL-TT is such an amazing track. It was used brilliantly.

Attack 90.PNG

That fire started because steam was coming out of titan Eren’s mouth. I loved the way this scene was done, Eren’s family looking at him as if waiting for his answer was brilliant. The timing of the music in this episode was fantastic, the animation of course was great as usual.

What are your thoughts?

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