Plastic Memories Episode 6

I almost hated this episode, so much time was wasted.

So the Marcia case was wrapped up quickly which was disappointing. I wanted to see what happened to Souta afterward but we get nothing. I didn’t like how everything went back to normal. Tsukasa shot Marcia and I’m assuming that Souta never got to see her again. All this episode cared about was whether Isla likes Tsukasa or not. She doesn’t say she loves him but she can’t get him off her mind. Ugh I really didn’t care about this episode. Nothing important happened at all, it didn’t feel like any progress was made in terms of story and characters. Stalking Tsukasa the episode should have been what this episode was called.


I think the only moment that funny in the episode was when Eru and Isla followed Tsukasa to the bathroom. Eru checking his junk and taking notes was pretty funny.  Ok so I was wrong we actually do get to see Souta in this episode. The scene was so sad. Tsukasa should have never promised Souta that he’d bring Marcia back. It’s too big of a promise to keep, you never know what happens especially in their line of work.


So it’s revealed that Isla has a month left to live. You know, I was wondering when Tsukasa would find out I mean Isla’s lifespan has been talked about since episode 3 or 4. Tsukasa has a choice in this episode, continue to work with Isla or dissolve their partnership. Of course he chooses to continue to work with her until the end which Isla is happy about. She was listening behind the door, the whole time. This whole episode has had Isla worry about Tsukasa and his thoughts. It was nice to see her happy about Tsukasa at the end of the episode.


So this episode was a bit frustrating, there was a lot of time wasted on stalking Tsukasa but this episode made up for it in the second half of the episode.


I’m happy that Tsukasa finally knows about Isla’s lifespan, I expect the two to become closer now that he knows. Hopefully Tsukasa talks to Isla about it next episode.


What are your thoughts?

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