Haikyuu Episode 6

Loved this episode, the teamwork was amazing. Tanaka has the best facial expressions in this episode. XD

Poor Hinata, he was so nervous in this episode. He was overwhelmed by everything in this episode, his skills on the court, the gym size and the other team. Hinata was constantly worrying about whether he could keep up with his teammates. I’m not a fan of the other team, two of them are Kageyama’s former teammates and so they already have their eyes on him. They still believe he’s the still the same as before, pompous. I love how the captain asked the manager to buck him up. Unfortunately all it did was make Hinata blush XD

Haikyuu 31.PNG

The comedy was brilliant in this episode, none of it pointless. I couldn’t stop smiling throughout this episode. The sound effects and voice acting was great. I have to say the moment where Hinata’s group meet the other group before the match was hilarious. Tsukishima taunting the elites was funny to watch. I like his attitude now, it doesn’t bother me as much since he’s making fun of the other team.

Haikyuu 30Haikyuu 32

Hinata accidentally hitting Kageyama in the back of the head when it’s his turn to serve was brilliant. I could see how Hinata’s nervousness has bothered him this entire episode and he’s had enough. Great scene XD

Haikyuu 33.PNG

Out of all the characters in this anime to help Hinata get back on his feet, I wasn’t expecting it to be Tanaka. I initially thought he would be the character that’s just there as comedic relief but he isn’t, his lines are still funny but his speech to Hinata got him back on his feet.

Haikyuu 34.PNG

This entire episode has had Tanaka constantly pressuring Hinata although it’s always been accidentally without him realising. It was lovely to see Tanaka in a different light. Someone to rely on when times get tough. I would like to see the other characters in a different role as well. It isn’t needed in this anime but it would be nice to see. 

The teamwork was a little rocky at first in this episode but as soon as Hinata got back on his feet the team managed to work well together again. I love the little moment where Hinata reflects on why he wasn’t able to focus earlier, he reveals that believed that he had to do everything himself. He now realises that he has a team that he can rely on and belive in. It may have been a small moment in the episode but it was beautiful.

Haikyuu 35.PNG


Haikyuu 36

Haikyuu 37.PNG

That blocking scene between Kageyama and Tsukishima. Just beautiful, the dialogue, the sound effects and the animation were brillaint. Hinata’s face during that scene though. XD

Haikyuu 38

So it turns out the setter the other team has wasn’t the real setter. A guy called Oikawa is and it looks like he might cause some trouble next episode.

Haikyuu 39.PNG



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