One Piece is getting a Live-Action TV Adaptation

One Piece is being turned into a foreign TV Show. Not Japanese but foreign. The TV Show was announced as part of One Piece’s 20th Anniversary.  Tomorrow Studios are in charge of the project and Marty Adelstein is the executive producer. This news has been confirmed by Hiroyuki Nakano, the editor-in-chief of Weekly Shonen Jump.

I hope this will be a success. We all know that anime adaptations don’t do well over seas. If I does do well, then One Piece will be even more popular than before. This news is exciting, but I wonder if they will be able to get the characters right.

One Piece.png

I kind of worry about how Nami will be portrayed, she’s a tsundere so I don’t think that will work well on-screen. I have a feeling that people will complain about Nami’s character. Since you know, she hits Luffy sometimes so you already know people will be upset about that. If their only going to film the East Blue Arc only then how will they show the crew’s backstories?

We’ll just have to wait for some more news to come out. I love One Piece so I don’t want it butchered. We don’t want another 4kids you know. XD

What are your thoughts?

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