New Death Note clip reveals Light and Ryuk’s meeting.

At San Diego’s Comic Con, Netflix shared a new clip of the movie which has shown Light and Ryuk meeting for the first time. I have to say, I like the clip but because of the way Willem Dafoe delivers his lines as Ryuk, it’s quite sinister and almost playful like he’s just there to toy with Light. The way Light acts in this trailer is realistic.

He slaps himself to convince himself that he’s dreaming. I’m glad he’s not dramatically screaming and shouting, for me that would have ruined the scene. Everyone has different ways of freaking out, not everyone screams and shouts. This Light might be okay. I don’t like that Light is writing bullies names in the Death Note, I mean bullies are awful but I would have prefered if it was some criminals instead.

So it looks like Ryuk will be encouraging Light to use the Death Note in this clip and Mia might be as well. Ryuk was neutral in the anime and that’s what made it great, You couldn’t tell what was going on Ryuk’s mind. He did things because they amused him. I’m hoping Ryuk won’t always be pushing Light to do things. I like how Ryuk is kind of kept in the dark in this clip, it makes the scene more creepy than it already is.


Everything I mentioned here isn’t a huge problem. I’m not a fangirl or anything, I just felt like pointing some things out. So long as the writing and acting is decent, I’m honestly not really bothered by the changes in this adaptation. That’s the most important thing here.

You can watch the trailer here.

What are your thoughts?

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