Funimation has released an English Dubbed trailer for Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry

Funimation has decided to bring the second Fairy Tail movie over to the west. The film is going to be a limited theatrical release  On August 14 the movie will be hitting North American theatres with a subbed version of the movie.

The dubbed version will come out on August 16 and 19. Sound pretty exciting. Unfortunately I can’t show it to you guys since it’s not available here in the UK. You can take a look at the 2nd preview for the movie instead, sorry about that guys.

Take a look.

Fairy Tail’s creator, Hiro Mashima has revealed the Final Chapter’s Title.

“Irreplaceable Friends” is the name of this chapter. It’s very fitting considering the running theme of friendship throughout the manga. The chapter will be 48 pages long and will be a double-issue. Hopefully this chapter will be a great sendoff to a story I felt had potential in its early days.

Fairy Tail 2

I stopped reading and watching Fairy Tail after the Tenrou Island arc. I’ve heard a lot of things since, not good things but I found myself taking a look at the manga again. Even though I don’t know everything that’s happened since, I’ll still be reading the final chapter. It wouldn’t feel right to me if I didn’t.

I’ve never interested in shipping any of the characters. I’m not a fan of shipping in general, that’s not what I watch anime for but if it’s there it’s fine so long as it’s not the main focus. That being said, it would still be nice to the ships people have been shipping since day one become canon.

Seven Deadly Sins gets a release date for Anime and new visual.

A lot of Seven Deadly Sins fans have been waiting for the second season to come out on Netflix for a while now. The new has been titled: The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments. The anime is being directed by Takeshi Furuta and is animated by A – 1 Studios famous for animating Fairy Tail and Anohana. The new season will premiere in January, 2018. 


You know, I haven’t checked this anime out at all. I hear it’s good. I should take a look before the new season premieres next year. The art style kind of throws me off, I’m not sure why though. If I can handle One Piece’s art style, I should be able to handle this one.

Light and Mia from Death Note Live Action Film’s character posters have been revealed.

Nat Wolff is Light Turner in the Death Note Live Action film and Margaret Qualley is Mia Sutton.

For some reason this poster makes Light look pretty good. The way he’s holding the book makes him look like he’s protecting it. And his expression in this poster looks evil. He might make a great Light, he might not.


I’m not a fan of the graffiti. I feel like Light’s image should speak for itself. There’s no need for the graffiti. Instead of Graffiti, I think they should have shown some of Light’s followers that will appear in the movie. I think that would have worked better.

As for Mia, I don’t like her poster, first of all why is she holding the Death Note? There’s no need for her to hold it. Maybe it means that she will playing a bigger role in this version of Death Note. Second, why is her name Mia?


What was wrong with Misa? Her name isn’t hard to say so why the change. How come everyone else gets to keep their names? If you were going to change it, you might as well change everyone elses. She looks so gloomy in this poster it doesn’t help that graffiti around her looks rough.

It reminds me of when I used to make little doodles in my school book in Year 6. I may not like these poster, but somehow I still hope that this movie will at least be decent. The only person I think will do a great job is Willem Dafoe. That guy is awesome in his roles, his voice fits Ryuk perfectly. 

What do you guys think of these posters?