Bakuman Episode 6

I’m happy the meeting went well. A nervous Akito is an adorable Akito. XD

Moritaka and Akito meet Hattori from Shonen Jack, as he looks through the manuscript, I could feel myself getting nervous for the boys. What didn’t help was the sound effect that was used before the second half started, the boy’s heart beating didn’t stop my nerves, just increased until Hattori said that he wants to read the manuscript again.

Bakuman 29.PNG

I have to say the story Akito came up with was interesting, it was kind of unique in a way, next to Moritaka’s drawings, the story really came together. The two of them have talent.  I also loved the voice over, he reminded me of the voice over in One Piece. The voice actors for the MC and Amy were great too., it brought the manga to life.  My only problem was the ending with Amy, I just think it didn’t fit. Did anyone else think that Moritaka drew Amy as Miho? It was nice to see but looked to obvious.

Bakuman 23.PNG

Hattori thinks that the story is more of a novel than a manga, too much narration and exposition. The story has to progress through the drawing and characters. That’s what a manga is. I felt sorry for Akito he was so happy before, but now he looks crushed.

There is always room for improvement, he’ll be able to learn from this. With Moritaka, his drawing don’t look like a manga. Hattori hands out his email address and mentions that he’s going to submit the manuscript to the monthly awards which is big for Moritaka and Akito.

Bakuman 24.PNG

Hattori asks the boys the let him know when their next work is done and with that Hattori leaves. From the start, Hattori was very honest with the boys, he didn’t sugarcoat anything. It’s nice to see that he likes the boys but he also kept it professional when he spoke to them. Hope to see more of him.

After Moritaka mentions that he thought Hattori was good, we cut to Hattori and he is talking to a Shonen Jack member about the two boys, he has faith in the two kids. He believes that the two will surpass Niizuma Eiji in three years. That’s quite the declaration to make. I hope it comes true, for his sake and the boys sake.

Bakuman 25.PNG

The episode ends with Miho, we get to see her at a voice training exercise. It was pretty. Moritaka and Miho are not sitting next to each other in class. 

Bakuman 27.PNG


Bakuman 26.PNG

Akito is sitting at the back, laughing. I love it! XD I wonder if Moritaka will be freaking out to Akito next episode? XD

It really feel like that the boys are my friends now, I was so proud of them in this episode. I wonder what will happen to them next?

What are your thoughts?

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