Anime Editorial: The Late for School Trope

Ah, the late for school trope, my favourite trope. You know, it never gets old for me. Maybe because many different characters do it. I just think in real life it be weird and funny if I saw a high school student running down the street with toast in their mouth. Tardiness is something that is used to move the plot, it’s also a great trope to introduce new characters.


The main character usually bumps into the new character, apologizes and speeds off, one thing you should know though is that you will see that new character usually in the same class as out main. Both our main and new character yell out when they see each other.

The first time I saw this trope was when Usagi from Sailor Moon was running down the street with toast in her mouth. I thought it was very bizarre. She meets a magical cat called Luna and from there her magical girl adventure begins. So you can see with Sailor Moon Usagi advanced the story thanks to her tardiness.


I have to say, I love the parodies that this trope has. My favourite one is from The Daily Lives High School Boys. The scene is so funny if you know what they are referencing, if not you end up missing out.  Most people think that tropes are just done because they are popular but that isn’t the case. There are reasons for these stereotypical tropes. For me, there are just some tropes I never get tired of, such as this trope.


One thought on “Anime Editorial: The Late for School Trope

  1. TPAB~ says:

    this is a classic trope, as in a lot of classic anime does it. The are some slight variations over time, but yeah, this trope is just cute to watch, especially if done right. XD

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