Anime Editorial: The Late for School Trope

Ah, the late for school trope, my favourite trope. You know, it never gets old for me. Maybe because many different characters do it. I just think in real life it be weird and funny if I saw a high school student running down the street with toast in their mouth. Tardiness is something that is used to move the plot, it’s also a great trope to introduce new characters.


The main character usually bumps into the new character, apologizes and speeds off, one thing you should know though is that you will see that new character usually in the same class as out main. Both our main and new character yell out when they see each other.

The first time I saw this trope was when Usagi from Sailor Moon was running down the street with toast in her mouth. I thought it was very bizarre. She meets a magical cat called Luna and from there her magical girl adventure begins. So you can see with Sailor Moon Usagi advanced the story thanks to her tardiness.


I have to say, I love the parodies that this trope has. My favourite one is from The Daily Lives High School Boys. The scene is so funny if you know what they are referencing, if not you end up missing out.  Most people think that tropes are just done because they are popular but that isn’t the case. There are reasons for these stereotypical tropes. For me, there are just some tropes I never get tired of, such as this trope.


Anime Editorial: The Problems that Naruto Shippuden had.

So if you’ve seen my Top 5 Naruto Shippuden Fights then you would know that at the beginning of that post, I mentioned the reason why I felt Naruto Shippuden was disappointing. So in this post I will be talking about some of those points, the story, the characters and the fillers. Just to let you know as usual, there will be some spoilers so read at your own risk.

The problems with the story

Naruto’ journey to become the hokage and a great ninja was a fun one in the first part of Naruto. There were many moments in the part 1 that I loved, the Zabuza arc of course, which showed how dark things could get, the real meat of Naruto. The Sasuke Retrieval arc is another I loved because it allowed not just Naruto to shine but the supporting characters too such as Neji. His fight against Kidomaru was amazing. Every character in that arc put their life on the line.

When I watched Naruto Shippuden, I thought the first arc was great. This was when Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi went to save Gaara from the Akatsuki. Now the Akatsuki have been a threat since part 1 but never really got to see what they could do. We get to see them somewhat shine in this arc. What made me like this arc even more was we get to see that neither Naruto or Sakura are playing around, the two showed off their strength and skills it was great to see.

Sakura 2.PNG

But as the story went on we saw less of Sakura and other characters and it became the Naruto and Sasuke show. Now don’t get me wrong this was evident from the start, Naruto and Sasuke are both main characters. But I didn’t want to see Naruto go on chasing Sasuke forever, I wanted to see Sasuke realise his ways and maybe meet Naruto half way or something.

The problems I had with Naruto Shippuden is that it became less about ninja’s and all about who has the coolest eye technique. It wasn’t about strategy anymore, Naruto and Sasuke became gods at the end all because now the two are reincarnations of some kids who hated each other or something.

Naruto 1.PNG

Techniques that were shown in part 1 made in to part 2 but they were just spammed. One of my major problems was the Susanno. When Itachi revealed it when he fought Sasuke I thought it was cool, amazing, this thing is a real threat. When sasuke learned it I was like fine, that’s cool but when he used it over and over again, it go boring so fast.

I hated the way he used it in the war, when he fused with Naruto’s kyuubi form, I thought it was the dumbest thing on earth. The story had some potential but it looked like Kishimoto didn’t know where to go from the pain arc. I honestly still think Naruto should have ended at the pain arc. It really felt like the end, but no you just had to have the five kage most of weren’t that important except Gaara and Tsunade.

I’m not sure how you can expect me to connect with characters we have barely seen. Gaara and Tsunade are fine, they had their development in part 1 and became great characters. Don’t even get me started on the war, so much of it was rubbish. Neji’s death is something that I will never get over.

The problems with the characters

Naruto’s supporting cast were great in part 1, most of them had their chance to shine. They had intersting jutsu’s and the characters had great reasons for why they wanted to become ninja. When part 2 rolled around, I was expecting some great moment with different characters but I didn’t get that. Great characters such as Lee, Neji and Kakashi were kind of pushed to the side.

I know that most of the characters are side characters but some of them had great development in part 1. I would have liked to have seen Naruto go on missions with Neji, Kiba, Hinata. We got that in filler in part 1 but those are fillers not canon episodes.

Naruto 2.PNG

The side characters could have popped up every now and then, I wanted another version of the Sasuke retrieval arc, it displayed the bonds the characters shared, how far would they go to save a friend? Well… Sasuke was Naruto’s friend but you know what I mean.

Sakura’s treatment was looking good at first. her and Lady chiyo’s fight showcased how much stronger she’d gotten during the timeskip. But after that, not much happened it was like she didn’t really exist and if she did she was healing people or whining about Sasuke. I would like to have seen inner Sakura pop up again. What happened to that? It was like she didn’t exist anymore. It’s been said many times in the anime that Sakura was good as genjutsu and had great chakra control so why wasn’t that expanded upon?

Sakura 3.PNG

I didn’t hate Sakura, I wanted to her to be a great character but she wasn’t, it wasn’t just her obsession with Sasuke that bothered me, but the way she treated Naruto and the other characters was awful. I don’t understand why Kishimoto decided that her personality should be that, an awful bully. You’d think she’s had learned when she bullied in the past because of her forehead. I questioned her decisions throughout the anime. She wasn’t the only character who had this issue but because she’s a main character, I had a problem with it. 

It’s such a shame that many characters who got some development, faded into the background until the war where they could show how strong they had gotten. Honestly when those moments happened, it wasn’t impressive. I know the show is called Naruto Shippuden and it will focus on Naruto, but you have to admit the main character isn’t the only one who makes the show, the other characters do as well.


As I said before, the biggest crime in Naruto Shippuden was Neji’s death, the fact that Kishimoto said that Neji died so Naruto and Hinata could be closer is absolutely atrocious. Seriously, I still bothered that I cried when he died, I shouldn’t have Neji arc was done in shippuden so had no development in part 2 so why did I care? He was my favourite character, he should have been handled way better that what we were given. You know thinking about it, i wouldn’t have minded that Neji had died, in a Ninja way! He is a ninja why is he dying to toothpicks!

Ok so I’m going to stop here before I turn this into a huge Naruto Shippuden rant XD

So that’s my problems with Naruto Shippuden. There are many issues with it, but this post is already long, if you liked this, leave a like or comment about what you thought of Naruto Shippuden. Thanks for reading this.

Note: Sorry about stopping it abruptly like that, this post was already long enough as it is.