Re: Creators Episode 5

A lot of dialogue in this episode

The Government capture Souta and the others to question them about recent events. A woman from the government displays some footage of the Meteora and the others fictional characters fighting. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t like this episode part of the reason is that now the government is involved with the creators and characters, I knew this would happen but I would have preferred the government to be in the background. We already know that Military Princess is behind all of the events and wants to destroy the world so can we get to that part?


Let’s have some more fights between the characters. I understand that the last couple of episodes have introduced us to the creators and the characters, it’s also set up some events but I would like to have some problems unfold. No more fighting and having another character suddenly come and whisk people away.


The only intriguing moment was when Souta realised something about Military Princess at the end, he know who she is so next should be good. I hope.


What are your thoughts?

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