Boruto Anime – Naruto Gaiden Arc starts soon.

So the Boruto Anime has finished the ghost incident arc finally. It was a bit boring at first but the last couple of episode were good. I’ve glad that we’re moving onto the Naruto Gaiden Arc. I remember reading the arc when it came out and I thought it was great. The moment where Sarada meets Sasuke for the first time was scary but touching. You’ll understand what I mean when you see it.

Sakura and Sarada.PNG

The Naruto Gaiden Arc has been hinted at in the ending credits. There are some moments from the Arc shown throughout the ending. It makes me feel sorry for Sarada all over again. The Villain of Arc is shown in this ending, the guy is pretty cool.

I can’t wait for it to come out but before we get to the Naruto Gaiden Arc, it looks like we have some fillers to go through first. So long as they are not to long, it should be fine.

L from the new Death Note Live-Action film’s Character Poster has been revealed

Lakeith Stanfield is L in the Netflix’s Death Note Live- Action film. Instead of hiding his identity by communicating through a computer, L in this live action uses a hood and bandana to hide his face. This film is clearly going to be different, that’s been obvious since the first trailer. Adam Wingard, the director of this film has mentioned that the themes of good and evil will still exist in this film.


I’m not mad about the changes, what worries me is if the themes that existed in the anime. will it be really be present in this film. I will be ok with some themes not existing but I think the main theme between Light and L needs to stay or it won’t be Death Note. The poster looks great but will the movie be.

I personally hope it will be at least decent, I’m kind of tired of the ongoing trend of bad anime live action films. Speaking of live action, isn’t Full Metal Alchemist and Gintama supposed to come out soon?