Yuki Yuna is a Hero Episode 4

There isn’t much to talk about in this review, the only thing that was important was Itsuki and her confidence issues. So Itsuki is too shy to sing in front of her class for the singing test. Yuki and the gang try to help her out, karaoke doesn’t work and even Karin’s health supplies don’t work. All Karin got out of that was a sick stomach. In the end she is able to sing in her class thanks to her friends and her sister.


The sisters have a nice bond, both want to protect the other at all costs. It looks like there’s some foreshadowing at the end of this episode, someone will die and I think that will be Itsuki’s older sister.


Itsuki realised at the end that she will can stand by her sister’s side instead of hiding behind her like in the past. There’s going to be a battle in the next episode, I’m hoping things get intense and dangerous for the girls.