Little Witch Academia Episode 4

Loved that this episode a focused on Lotte. We don’t really know much about her character.

Lotte wants to go to an event that is being held by her favourite author, Annabel the writer of the book series Nightfall. She can’t go because Akko ended up getting the three girls in trouble because she ate most of the food in the cafeteria. So Lotte and the girls sneak out to the city. You really get to see how much of a big fan Lotte is in this episode, it was great to see her so lively and happy. Lotte enters a Nightfall quiz, she ends up winning and meets Annabel who gives the fountain pen that has been passed down by other Nightfall authors.


It turns out that Nightfall has twelve authors and Lotte will be the thirteenth, Annabel then disappears and Lotte and the girls set out to find her. They find thanks to Lotte who realises that Annabel likes Hydrangea’s. The two end up talking and Lotte is able to convince Annabel to go back to writing Nightfall. Lotte was great in this episode, she doesn’t want to be in the same profession as Annabel she just admires Annabel’s ability to write.


This isn’t the same as Akko admiring Chariot so much that she decided to become a witch, I’m glad this episode made that comparison, they made it clear Lotte admiration is not the same. Annabel is just a kid so it’s natural that she would be bothered by the flame comments from fans of Nightfall, Lotte was able to see that and turn Annabel’s sadness into happiness.


She pinpointed the amazing talent Annabel has by talking about her favourite chapters and moments throughout the book that made her realise that Annabel is creative when she writes her chapters. This episode made me admire Lotte’s intelligence and the way she was able to perceive Annabel’s lack of confidence in her work. I hope we get more of her next episode.


What are your thoughts?

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